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Our company was established with the production of halva and Turkish delight of Hacı Mustafa Tuncay in 1945 in Osmaniye/Turkey. We produces halva and Turkish delight until 1994 by signing a policy on that date in the sector started to produce water and industrial as Soapwort has introduced.Production model based on customer demand from customers with company-specific production by making the shape of the production in the past have BRX.

Improvement and quality to its customers, our company is open to new ideas and use all their resources to provide the best service complete all documentation required for the production of our company in this direction at the same time with his R&D activities in the that carries out of the first of many.

Customers that have received support and being aware of our responsibility is installed, our new production facilities will eliminate the risk of deterioration in water Soapwort pasteurization incorruption such as property unit has achieved with the 2-year.Thus, the fermentation of juice Soapwort packaging and swelling of the problem has disappeared last came to packaging and warehousing problems.

As a company, rather than solve the problem of using chemical materials, while maintaining Soapwort water pasteurization system feature provided with the natural remains. Istanbul as the development of agriculture and we are always open to new ideas and best quality of service will continue to give way.

We would like to rise up more and extend our export lines.Our producy is really high quality and delicious for more information about our product please check our web sites and do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



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