To ensure that the requirements of the Integrated Management System become an integral part of the company culture,
    To apply Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety awareness in all our activities and to ensure continuous improvement,
    To ensure that all industrial and commercial activities carried out in our company are carried out in accordance with national and international legislation, legal conditions and practices,
    To establish a permanent, effective and effective quality, environment, occupational health and safety policy, and
    To ensure that the products produced with the highest possible quality and economical costs with modern technology are supplied at the requested time, to the requested place and under the requested conditions,
    To maximize customer satisfaction by meeting the needs and expectations of customers, markets and markets,
    To determine customer satisfaction by recording survey studies, complaints and suggestions, to carry out evaluation studies, to maintain the level of satisfaction and to carry out continuous improvement activities,
    To carry out the necessary protective and preventive activities to prevent environmental pollution, to prevent negative effects on the environment at the highest possible level and to increase environmental awareness,
    To maintain the natural balance by using natural resources in the most efficient and effective way while providing supply.
    To fulfill the occupational health and safety requirements of all our stakeholders, starting with our employees, to the maximum extent possible,
    To create a healthy and reliable work environment in order to prevent possible work accidents and to prevent health deterioration,
    With the awareness that our employees are our most valuable accumulation, to ensure that our employees' mutual relations with the company from education to health, from social issues to economic issues and to ensure the satisfaction of our employees at the highest level and continuous,
    Announcing the policy and providing the necessary training in order to ensure that the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety policy is understood by all departments and each employee of the company and to ensure the continuation of this awareness as a company culture,
    To provide regular training to the employees in our company, to make evaluations, to carry out continuous audits, to ensure the continuous development and improvement of the integrated management system with the participation of control studies and employees,
    In our company, it is our commitment to continue our work in an ever-increasing cooperation with our customers, employees, suppliers, all our stakeholders and the society.