Sustainable Specialties

For years now, the Company has been manufacturing sustainable items by using Soapwort roots working on a constant awareness campaign with soapwort root suppliers on sustainable agriculture the Company has now reached a significant number of suppliers.
Since the beginning we have strived to improve our processes to offer our customers products of the highest quality, today our quality certifications are the fruits of this labor and a guarantee to our customers that a product from İstanbul Tarım is the best in the marketplace.

Green Energy

In this regard, 5000 sqm of solar panels, reducing 3000mt/year of CO2 emissions, have been installed.
This renewable green energy is now covering 20% of our power needs, but this is just a stepping stone.

To ensure that the requirements of the Integrated Management System become an integral part of the company culture,
     To apply Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety awareness in all our activities and to ensure continuous improvement,
     To ensure that all industrial and commercial activities carried out in our company are carried out in accordance with national and international legislation, legal conditions and practices,